Ministry growth takes baby home toward new development in Kenya

By May 21, 2007

Kenya (MNN) — There are millions of orphans and abandoned babies in Kenya. About four percent of Kenya's population are AIDS orphans. Many of these children are destined for a hard life on the streets or an early death unless someone steps in to help.

World Gospel Mission's Tim Rickle says their baby center in Ngata is making a difference for some of these children. It's a new venture for both WGM and the Africa Gospel Church.

Their team is currently caring for 24 babies, with the aim of launching an adoption program. "We're really hoping to find Christian homes to put these children in. That's one of the things that the church is wanting to see: a home with Christian love so that a child would find Christ through that. The influence of loving care helps even young children begin to get the picture of Christ as they see people work there with them."

According to WGM, the babies in Ngata are housed in three age-designated "cottages," giving Kenyan caregivers and the administrative staff the opportunity to create a loving home for each baby while avoiding an "institutional" environment.

How does the center choose the children they care for? Children will be brought to the center based on referrals from hospitals, families, and police. The main focus of the center is to spread the love and hope of Jesus Christ to these precious children, and every effort will also be made to place each child for adoption with a loving, Christian family.

To support the growth of this home, Rickles says they're recruiting professionals to join their team. "We're still constructing the facility. We've got a bottom floor done, and we're going to be doing a second story. So they're getting groups together for that as well as funds to underwrite the cost. These children, of course, have no one to fend for them, and so we have to fund that from here and from the church there in Africa."

It's a win-win scenario for those involved in the ministry. The community benefits from having quality and loving care for its most vulnerable members. The ministry benefits from the testimony it carries through its work with the AGC Baby Center.

The center also provides employment for Kenyan men and women. In addition to a full-time Kenyan director, registered nurse, and social worker, the center will employ 10 housemothers/caregivers per 20 children and two playgroup leaders who will ensure that regular, age-appropriate activities are provided to develop each baby's full potential for growth and development.

A nurturing process, to be sure, planting the seeds of hope for a future harvest and legacy under Christ.  If you can help, click here.

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