Ministry hopes to begin Gospel conversations in Japan, Russia

By April 9, 2019

USA (MNN) — The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention is North America’s largest trade event for Christian communicators. Hundreds of TV, film, and radio professionals meet with ministry leaders to network, learn, and plan.

Ron Hutchcraft of Ron Hutchcraft Ministries says a lot of his conversations revolved around one core question: “What partnership will enable us to get to more people more quickly with the news on which their eternity depends?”

Today, the ministry is building on those conversations. Their team hopes to expand the reach of Hutchcraft’s radio program, A Word With You. Along with English, “We’re now in Mandarin and Spanish, Hindi, Arabic – the five most-spoken languages in the world. But, we’re looking at other very unreached places – Japan being one, Russia being one – others are on our heart,” Hutchcraft says.

“We’re finding out who has the strongest abilities to deliver a message in certain areas.”

Partnership: the new ministry model

The for-profit business world is a highly competitive space. No matter what the product or service, things like market space, price points, and consumption determine a company’s life or death. Success requires drive, creativity, and a loyal customer base.

Similar mindsets have crept into the nonprofit world, causing ministries to operate in what Hutchcraft calls “silos.” Many leaders often focus on positioning rather than partnership. However, that trend appears to be changing.

“I think there [are] more people caring less about their name, their turf,” Hutchcraft observes.  “[Instead, they are] making a fist in Satan’s face and saying you cannot have these lost people. You cannot have these lives.”

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Please pray for Ron Hutchcraft Ministries’ leadership team as it seeks strategic partnerships. Pray for opportunities to begin Gospel work where it is so desperately needed.

“You have to hold what you have lightly and not care who gets the credit, not care who gets the glory.”

Partnership involves you

There’s a place for you in this story. Hutchcraft says they need partners at both international and individual levels. “We’re working on more and more tools that will equip the everyday believer to be the primary messenger of the Gospel,” he explains.

“While we’re in a world that seems like it’s getting farther from God, [they] also seem more ready for Jesus than they’ve ever been.”

Email Ron Hutchcraft Ministries or call (877) 741-1200 and mention this story. Ask the team about their new tools and see if there’s anything you can do to help.

Check out the ministry’s current resources and tools here.



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