Ministry in Senegal takes on new life.

By December 1, 2003

Senegal (MNN)–Foreign missionaries first went to this Islamic country in 1830, but produced very few converts.

Indigenous ministry, Life Missions International, began in 1990, and hundreds of Senegalese are now disciples of the Lord Jesus.

Christian Aid Mission says fifteen new men have been trained as missionaries and many more desire training. Their heart’s cry is to reach the lost.

Pray for $30,000 needed to set up a School of Discipleship and Missions that will also include trainees from surrounding countries.

Christian Aid is empowered by the Lord to be a communications link with overseas groups. They strive to alert Christians to the needs of the ministries that are reaching their own people for Christ.

Through financial assistance to indigenous missionary ministries, or where evangelical Christians are a persecuted minority, priority is given to helping those groups that are establishing a witness for the Lord among their own people in places where our Saviour has no Bible believing churches to honor His name.

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