Ministry in the Philippines still coping with monsoon flooding

By October 8, 2012

Philippines (MNN) — The Philippines is still struggling to recover from flooding and storm damages.

To put the crisis into perspective: of the 19 tropical cyclones that took a swipe at the Philippines last year, 10 of the storms brought back-to-back destruction.

Having barely recovered from the 2011 storm damages, residents were hit by heavy monsoon rains in August. Many of the families who had to evacuate are still living in temporary housing following the massive floods. Conditions are still very difficult with food scarce and many people unable to return home.

AMG International has partners in the affected areas. They say that 80% of Metro Manila was underwater at the peak of the disaster. According to the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), nearly two million people in Metro Manila and the five other regions were affected by floods caused by the monsoon rains.

Eleven out of the 18 AMG childcare centers in Metro Manila also were affected by the flood. Their team distributed relief goods and other emergency supplies to about 830 sponsored families to cover their needs for a couple of days at the outset.

Many others in the communities where AMG serves asked for help since the government and other organizations' relief assistance was stretched thin because of the volume of victims.

Their team member notes:

Every year we are stricken by the monsoon rains and typhoons, and the 1.4 million squatter families — or about five million people — residing in Metro Manila always suffer because most of them live in very dangerous areas.

AMG Philippines reached out to 5,500 families in the Metro Manila area who lost everything in the floods. Please be in prayer for the Philippines and their coworkers as they continue to assist relief and cleanup efforts.

Here's the Gospel impact: Child Development Centers provide kids with medical care, warm clothing, and the love that Christ would show. The parents notice a difference in their children, and curiosity is sparked, which often leads to whole family involvement in the local church and more introductions to the Gospel.

Pray that the AMG workers with the Child Development Centers will be able to resume their work quickly. Pray for the funds to make repairs. Ask God for Gospel opportunities.

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