Ministry launches child survival program in the Philippines

By January 22, 2008

Philippines (MNN) — After a year of preparation,
International Aid has a full Child Survival program (Match Program) in the Philippines. 

Their team serves in six rural villages of southern Mindanao
because healthcare is rare. International Aid's Milton Amayun says they're
addressing two main problems of malnutrition and diarrhea prevention and trying
to improve the survival of the children under five years old in the region. "The goal is to get 70% of the
children fully immunized, to reduce the malnutrition rate by at least 10%,
and to reduce the number of children dying of diarrhea by at least

The teams involve communities in learning about the causes
of illness. They also demonstrate how safer water supplies reduce diarrhea, show
local healers ways to reduce infection during and after childbirth, nutrition,
and the importance of clean water.    

International Aid is behind a bio-sand water filter that has
been proven to remove pathogens from water through a combination of biological
and mechanical processes. The filter provides clean, safe, affordable
drinking water at a rate of 47 liters an hour.  

Amayun says people are very open to the program because
they can see the value of what International Aid is trying to teach them. That
lends credibility to the local church.

Although International Aid is boldly a Christian
organization, the outreach comes through the partnership with the local
church. "The follow-up on the issue
of faith and Bible study is done by local churches. We make sure that when people ask us about
our faith, we are open about who we are and what International Aid is trying to

International Aid's ministry is an expression of Matthew 25
and 28. As Christ calls His followers to
serve those in need and share His message of hope to all nations, they aim to
do the same by helping the poor, the thirsty, the sick, and the weary. However,
they also work to meet the spiritual needs by spreading the Gospel to all
nations, as stated in the Great Commission of Matthew 28. 

If you want to help, you can support the water project.
Click here for details.

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