Ministry launches project for audio Old Testament in Africa

By June 2, 2008

Nigeria (MNN) — There are 24 million Hausa speakers in
Nigeria and Niger, along with another 15 million who speak Hausa as a second
language. In these areas, many
non-readers are coming to Christ through the audio Gospel. However, that is creating a need for more
grounding in the Old Testament. 

Audio Scripture Ministries' Chad VandenBosch says they're
addressing this with the help of a partnering group called Theovision. "Church growth is being stifled by
illiteracy and the lack of access to the Scriptures and the truths found in
those Scriptures. So they asked us, specifically, if we could go in and record
the Old Testament, to have that available as well as the New Testament."   

the many who do not read, an audio copy of the Old Testament will be their only
way to hear of God's work through the ages. VandenBosch says the project will cost
$16,000. The team is about
halfway there.

Here's how a typical project goes. Teams go on location to record the project. A
period of about 4 weeks is spent on the recording of the New Testament and 12
weeks on the Old Testament by two technicians.

According to TheoVision, during recording, readers are
scheduled to come to an improvised studio to read their portions. A local
committee comprised of translators, clergymen and notable people in the community
is set up to oversee the recording when the technicians get to the recording
location. Much work is done with the help of these locals, who check for good
pronunciation of words and good dramatization of the reading of the script.
Generators are used in areas where there is no power

It's a vital part of discipleship and evangelism. The audio Old Testament supports missionaries
working with the Hausa because, "It gives a biblical background that you
don't get through the New Testament. It
gives a lot of basis for what they're able to hear through the New Testament
recordings, or are able to read in the New Testament. It just gives them a broader picture of the

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