Ministry lays the groundwork for Bible teaching in rural Bolivia.

By October 30, 2003

Bolivia (MNN)–In Bolivia, Audio Scripture Ministries reports that TapeTalk2 players are to be placed in a rural village of Quechua Indians. ASM began small shipments of players that will extend over the next several months.

ASM works with Bible translators, missionaries, and others who recognize the need for scriptures in audio format. They also assist projects such as leadership training, evangelism, Bible literacy and others.

By teaming with those on the field, providing appropriate playback equipment, training, and strategy for the right medium for a specific field. This includes the supply of hand wind, solar powered players designed exclusively for missions use.

Pray for safety in shipment and effectiveness in use. Pray for local Quechua pastors who will oversee the listening program in their village and for those who cannot read, but will soon hear God’s Word in their own heart language.

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