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Published on 29 December, 2011

Ministry like teen in growth-spurt

International (MNN) — Like a middle-schooler in a growth-spurt flies through pant sizes, Words of Hope has the unique problem of “too much growth.” But they’re meeting the challenge head-on.

Words of Hope is a radio broadcast ministry proclaiming the Gospel by sound wave in over 30 different languages across the world. Radio is an excellent tool since it can breach closed borders in ways no missionary can.

With such a useful medium for spreading the Word of God, Words of Hope’s outreach is exploding with growth. Their ministry branches all over the world constantly need funding for expansion of projects, buildings, and staff.

They confess that it can be hard to keep up with the multiple demands for expansion funding. But Words of Hope doesn’t feel they’ve reached their limit for what they can do.

To meet various requests for growth projects, Words of Hope has started The Growth Initiative. This single fundraising effort will use the money raised and divide it among different requests to expand the ministry.

With The Growth Initiative, Words of Hope looks to reach their ministry’s impact into four new regions: Indonesia, Pakistan, Ethiopia, and Somalia. All four of these countries are on the World Watch List because of violent persecution of Christians for their faith.

Additionally, The Growth Initiative will fund building projects in Sudan, Niger, and India, as well as expand Words of Hope’s ministries in the Middle East, India, Iran, and Uganda.

This is a huge undertaking since The Growth Initiative will only consist of funds beyond their normal yearly budget. The initiative needs outside funding, and Words of Hope needs help growing it.

Christians who want to make a difference in the lives of fellow believers in developing countries as well as help spread the Gospel have a great opportunity to do so. You can go to and contact their ministry to find out how you can support a project in The Growth Initiative.

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