Ministry marks 65 years of kingdom building

By July 11, 2007

International (MNN) — In light of sweeping change of
international scope, AMG International is looking for ways to effect cultural
and spiritual change. Pluralism and religious extremism often make that a

AMG International's Paul Jenks says they're marking 65 years
on this focus, moving forward. "That continues to be a focus that we
have. Newspaper evangelism, working
alongside national pastors, national workers–that is really the way we
probably focus best to help in that national church is by assisting leadership

Newspaper evangelism is one of AMG's specific focal points. The idea behind it is that AMG buys a full-page ad in a regional/local newspaper and presents the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Wide distribution is guaranteed as the paper circulates.  

On top of that, the credibility of the message is enhanced by the popularity of the newspaper or magazine. This method also protects privacy as the reader doesn't need to divulge their interest until/unless they choose to respond. In secular
newspapers in 34 countries of the world, AMG buys advertising space to publish
the good news.

Sometimes the ads simply present the plan of salvation and
ask readers to respond if they want to know more. In other cases, the ads grab
the reader's attention by asking a question such as, "Are you lonely? Let
us tell you about a friend who will never leave you."

To those who respond to these ads, AMG sends a Bible and Bible
Correspondence Courses. They also encourage
respondents to begin attending church and to continue to study the Bible.

Jenks urges prayer as they strive to meet their mandate.
"Certainly, we are a mission that wants to proclaim the love and grace of
the Lord Jesus Christ. We'd ask the
listeners to pray that we don't lose that vision and that newspaper evangelism
will be a vision that we'll be able to give the people of the Muslim world an
opportunity to hear and understand a clear presentation of the Gospel."

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