Ministry meets physical and spiritual needs of indigenous Kenyans

By August 29, 2012

Kenya (MNN) — Drought is prevalent in Isiolo, and so are the health issues it creates. Thanks to their supporters and The Mission Society, a pair of missionaries are addressing those issues and bringing Jesus to unreached people groups.

From September 4th through the 9th, a U.S. team will help missionaries Sonia Crawley and Sonji Pass deliver medical care and the Good News to indigenous communities in Isiolo, an arid region of northeastern Kenya.

"Normally, Sonji and I are the ones who are training, preparing, and leading the teams," said Crawley. "We had the privilege and honor of training more leaders within our congregation to train the [medical missions] team and prepare them to come here.

"They are ready and excited to serve, and they will be here on Friday."

Pray that all team members arrive safely. The medical missions team comes from The Park Church, Pass and Crawley's home church in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Park Church has an extensive ministry in Kenya focusing on church planting, HIV/AIDS education, leadership development, mission mobilization, and village infrastructure.

Next week's trip is a continuation of Great Commission work that began in Isiolo last December. Whereas the Gospel was shared through clean water initiatives last time, evangelism will now take place in "education tents."

Patients who come to see a medical doctor or dentist also go through an "education tent," explains Crawley. In these education tents, patients learn about dental hygiene, malaria prevention and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. "In every [medical] camp, we use the evangecube, and we now have an evangeball."

These items prove effective in sharing the Gospel with illiterate children and adults. Both attention-grabbing objects are covered with pictorials depicting the story of Jesus. The evangeball looks like a brightly-colored soccer ball and helps team members tell children about salvation.

"[Kids] think they're just coming to play a fun game of soccer," said Crawley. "But when those colors grab their eyes, a facilitator can actually sit down with them and do Bible storying as it relates to introducing them to Christ and walking them through the plan of salvation."

Crawley needs you to partner with her in prayer for two areas of ministry expansion funding: land and a vehicle. Their ministry wants to buy seventeen acres of land to build a home for orphans. A vehicle would help Pass and Crawley further their ministry in Isiolo.

Can you help?

Contact Jim Ramsay at The Mission Society if you'd like to donate a car, or click here to make a donation on The Mission Society Web site. Select "Special Project" for your donation and enter "Crawley/Pass – 3020sup" in the project name box.

Feel called to serve in Africa?

Send an e-mail to Sonia Crawley at [email protected], visit, or connect with the ministry on Facebook.

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