Ministry name change focuses direction.

By April 18, 2007

USA (MNN)– The Evangelical Free Church of America International Mission is now operating under a new name: ReachGlobal. 

Why? For one thing, clarity. The current name, EFCA International Mission, is easily confused with other international mission organizations. In addition, this name can be confusing to younger generations. When abbreviated to IM, it is mistaken for common language like instant messaging.

But there were more serious issues EFCA was facing. Our source, whom we're calling 'Gary,' often travels in closed countries to visit their partners. The EFCA association could jeopardize safety of the team members in those countries.

That's partly why they felt it was time make the change. Gary says, "It focuses us on reaching globally, and it gives us a platform around the world to involve national partners in a worldwide ministry." In a globalized world, it is healthier and safer for their national partners to be seen as equally partnered with a neutral mission. 

The old name implied an American mission, and Gary says the change focuses their evangelistic vision. "We're convinced at ReachGlobal that the future of missions will be not just Americans reaching all people, or Europeans reaching all people, but ALL people involved in missional endeavor all around the world."

It's about reducing barriers and increasing access. In fact, ReachGlobal's mission statement is the same as that of the EFCA:  "We exist to glorify God by multiplying healthy churches among all people."

Moreover, a growing number of their missionaries are not from EFCA churches. Having a denominational entity in their name can create barriers for non-EFCA missionary candidates when they attempt to raise financial support for their ministry. In addition, it is easier to recruit the right people to work internationally if the name does not create an obvious barrier.

ReachGlobal has many other arms that relate to compassion, discipling, and networking ministries. Those are known as: Touchglobal, EFCA Equip, EFCA connect, and Live to the Power of Nothing. If you want details on these ministries, click here.



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