Ministry one step closer to growth in India

By November 1, 2012

India (MNN) — An Audio Scripture Ministries partner in India is one step closer to cutting through government red tape.

Quite a number of rainy seasons have come and gone since the World Cassette Outreach of India (WCOI) began the quest for a new building unaffected by the monsoon flooding.

The current WCOI facility stands 6 feet below street level, and flooding is a constant reality in each rainy season. The water from the street rushes into the campus, and often, into the residence.

The good news: WCOI is on the verge of getting the permits they need for a building project.

However, it hasn't gone the way they first envisioned. Originally, MNN reported that the team was looking for land to purchase and then rebuild the facility.

That's when the first hurdle presented itself. WCOI is headquartered in Bangalore where land is at a premium. After more challenges reared, it soon became clear that the best option would be to stay in the current location and rebuild there. They just needed to get the "okay" from the government.

Even though the team have been discouraged about the permit process, it hasn't stopped distribution of the audio Bible. WCOI is still working hard to record all of the available translated Scripture in Indian languages on audio cassettes and CDs.

The team also is trying to set up local lending libraries in at least 100 cities and towns of India through the local churches. They want to provide one set of Scripture cassettes along with a cassette player to 25,000 families of India through the "Word for the Family" project.

In a similar fashion, over 10,000 villages have been adopted in the last five years. More and more projects are constantly being implemented, like the Chattisghari New Testament that's currently being recorded by the WCOI team. Pray for good health for the readers and technicians involved. This project has long been in the waiting.


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