Ministry plans to expand pastor training around the world

By January 22, 2008

USA (MNN) — In 2006, Global Advance was able to hold 52 training conferences. Last year, 98. In 2008, Global Advance is trusting the Lord for even more growth.

President and Founder of Global Advance Dr. David Shibley says, "Now, we're looking toward a record year with 113 conferences for pastors, church leaders and marketplace leaders in developing nations as well."

At the invitation of local believers, Global Advance goes into a country and provides Frontline Shepherd's conferences to help church leaders. But they also hold Marketplace Conferences to help Christian business people to use their business to serve Christ.

According to Shibley, these conferences are motivating for the local church as a whole. "Many of them suddenly see themselves not only as pastors of local congregations but as catalysts for the planting of new churches, particularly among unreached peoples."

He's also excited that these conferences are beginning to draw younger pastors. He says these trends are very encouraging.

Shibley says these conferences can help Christians in areas dominated by Islam and Hinduism where Christians are being attacked. "The devil knows that his time is short. He becomes something like a trapped animal. He becomes more violent, realizing that his time of dominance is coming to a close."

Christ was crucified because He was strong. Shibley says the church is facing persecution similarly. "They need our affirmation. And this year Global Advance will have the privilege of being face-to-face with at least 30,000 pastoral leaders, many of them facing intense personal persecution because of their stand for Christ."

As Global Advance gets ready for 2008, Shibley is asking for prayer. "We need prayer for our teams that are going into volatile areas of the world, sometimes areas where people are very hostile. And then also, obviously with this tremendous increase, we need more finances."

As Global Advance is able to hold these conferences, multiplication is taking place. More churches are being plante, and more people are turning to Christ.

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