Ministry plans to recording Scripture in 11 African languages.

By May 30, 2005

Chad (MNN) — A strategic partnership in the Central African country of Chad has Audio Scripture Ministries excited.

Together with JAARS, ASM is supplying equipment for a project to record Scripture into a cluster of 11 languages in the Guera region of Central Chad. The 11 languages have populations between 5000 and 50,000 people, making this project able to impact hundreds of thousands of lives.

The vision is to record Scripture, Gospel presentations and Old Testament stories on cassette tapes for these languages.

In addition, missionaries envision training nationals to be part of the cassette tape duplication and distribution. The tapes will be distributed through the local churches and language associations. A workshop is planned to help train people how to distribute and use the cassette program.

Praise God for the new partnership and ask Him to remove obstacles that might hinder the project. Pray for those who will hear and become part of this new project. Pray that many lives will be changed by the saving message of Jesus Christ.

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