Ministry prays over Arabic Scripture project

By November 11, 2008

International (MNN) — Over 280
million people use some form of Arabic as their first language. The World Bible Translation Center has been
sponsoring workers to visit homes in Arab-speaking regions and provide Easy-to-ReadTM Arabic New
Testaments and Children's Bible Story Books.

After a family has received the
Scriptures, a follow-up team visits them again and answers questions they might
have about Jesus. However, in many
Arabic-speaking countries, Islam, the major religion, opposes
Christianity. That limits evangelism,
but the World Bible Translation Center collaborated with the Digital Bible
Society to reach these people with the Gospel. 

WBTC's John Andersen explains,
"You may have a seeker who doesn't know Jesus, but they're not going to
take a Bible or a portion of Scripture from you for fear of being seen by their
family and friends. A CD-ROM is much less obtrusive. We're hoping that by
taking these from people who are willing to distribute them, people will
come to know Jesus and then become bold believers." 

The project will provide over 200
additional Bible resource materials to the Arabic-speaking people. Says
Andersen, "The Arabic CD-ROM began about three weeks ago, and they are
hoping to have it out within the next six months. Our text will be on that, also."

At present, God's Word is
available in the Arabic language in these formats: printed text, CD-ROM, audiocassette,
and The Talking Bible (self-contained
digital audio unit).

The WBTC team of translators just
completed the Old Testament. It is currently being proofread and field-tested.
After a process of suggested changes and reviews, it will be ready for
typesetting and publication. This will provide the readers in the Middle East
the complete story of their ancestors and their relationship with God. Soon there will be
a complete Easy-to-Read Arabic
Version of the Bible.

Click here for details on the
Scripture translation projects to the Arab-speaking world.

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