Ministry reaches annual goal, but more Bibles needed

By October 10, 2012

China (MNN) — A Bible distribution ministry is getting ready to celebrate a milestone–in rural China.

Joel Gerber is a board member with Bibles for China and will be a part of the team. "The goal at the beginning of the year was 100,000 Bibles to be distributed by Bibles for China. We're just so pleased that with this distribution, we will be able to distribute 30,000, and that will put us just over the 100,000 mark."

Bibles for China does it legally through the registered church. While 100,000 is a lot of Bibles, is it enough? "There are nearly 100 million Chinese Christians throughout China. The vast majority of those don't have a copy of their own Word of God."

Gerber says nationals will win the Chinese for Christ, but not without Bibles. "So how better can we help that process than to get God's Word into the hands of those who will be making a difference in those lives for eternity!"

Because of a matching grant, $50 equals 20 Bibles. "That includes the actual printing, the distribution, and transportation [to get the Bibles] into those rural provinces" — which is where 60% of the population lives.

Bibles for China is asking you to pray for the team as they leave Saturday. They're also asking you to give generously to their Bible distribution ministry. And finally, they're asking you to go on a Bible distribution trip.

"The response of a believer who who has been praying for a Bible for years is amazing," says Gerber. "To these believers, when you hand them that first Bible, they respond by weeping or turning to a verse that they've heard and memorized — clutching it to their chest. To witness that is a very, very powerful thing."

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