Ministry readies a program launch in Mali

By November 13, 2009

Mali (MNN) — Mali has occupied an almost permanent position
on the list of the 10 poorest countries in the world. Micro-enterprise can be part of the solution. But how?

Joseph Richter, President of Farms International, answers
that question often. He tells people
that "FARMS International is devoted to helping Christian families out of
poverty, and we do that through entrepreneurial loans."

However, it's not "free money." It's a loan with intent. Richter goes on to explain: "These loans are administered
by nationals with the expressed purpose of bringing these families out of
poverty, and at the same time teaching them good stewardship and the practice
of tithing back to the local church, so that the church can become

Eventually, community members feel the impact and begin
asking questions about what makes these Christians  different. Because the pastor has been supported by tithes from the businesses
started by the microloans, he is free to answer those questions, which often leads
to discipleship work and church growth.

FARMS International is now working through the final stages
of assessing a new program launch in Mali. The team heads there in December to
train the new committee.  

Churches are in desperate need of help. FARMS International
is a Christian ministry that serves the church by equipping families in poverty
with the means for self-support, tithing and evangelism. You can help. Click here.

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