Ministry releases new translations of audio Bible

By December 13, 2011

International (FCBH/MNN) — Faith Comes By Hearing has
provided Scriptures to more than 478,000 people in their heart language.

Now the ministry has actually added nine new language
recordings to their catalog of Audio Scriptures. The new releases are:

  • Avokaya – South Sudan
  • Kapsiki – Cameroon
  • Konso – Ethiopia
  • Latin – Vatican City State
  • Luwo – South Sudan
  • Ndogo – South Sudan
  • Palauan – Palau
  • Takia – Papua New Guinea
  • Tuwali Ifugao – Philippines


These recordings are possible because of dedicated translation work by Wycliffe Bible Translators, The Bible League, United Bible Societies, and the
Bible Societies of Cameroon, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea, and Sudan.

Faith Comes By Hearing plans to release a second Portuguese recording this
month to better reach the more than 177 million people who share Portuguese as
their heart language.

FCBH is also making use of communications technology, offering free access to
Audio Bibles through streaming and podcasts. For the smart phone users, there is the
for iPhone, iPad and Android devices providing access to written Bibles
in more than 600 languages.

They still provide Audio New Testaments on solar-powered Proclaimers
for listening groups for those who don't have internet access. September's report indicates that there are more
than 290,000 Proclaimers proclaiming God's Word around the world.

In 2012, Faith Comes By Hearing will celebrate its 40th year in ministry,
continuing to focus on their mission to record and provide Audio New Testaments
in every translated language, making the fulfillment of the Great Commission a

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