Ministry reports children safe in Kenya’s violence

By January 8, 2008

Kenya (MNN) — Buckner International reported that both staff and children at their school in Kenya are safe despite the recent violence. 

School has delayed starting, however, until January 15. Also, Buckner has canceled mission trips to Kenya from January through February and is discussing adjustments. 

The holidays meant 35 children from Buckner's program in Nairobi were at home. Another 10 children were in the center in Nairobi. Staff have been unable to return after the holidays. They must wait until gangs have stopped blocking the roads. 

Pastor Euticauls, manager of a school in the Nairobi slums, sent a letter describing the situation. He is currently in the United States but waiting until he can return to
Kenya after things settle down. 

He explained that many businesses are being looted which is forcing them to remain closed.  This
makes it difficult for people to get the things they need like food, phone cards, and other essential items. He says there is very little movement in the city. 

He wrote, "Please continue praying for many people mourning for their loved ones, the food situation, security, and a peaceful solution to this problem."

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