Ministry reports sustainable progress after 6 years of restorative efforts

By November 27, 2012

DR Congo (MNN) — It's rich in minerals and natural resources like gold, diamonds, and timber, but the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DR Congo) has also been at the center of African conflict since the early 90s.

A war involving Angola, DR Congo, Namibia, Rwanda, Uganda and Zimbabwe killed 2.5 million people between late 1998 and 2001. The six African nations signed a ceasefire accord in 1999, but fighting continued nonetheless. After multiple attempts at peace and reformation, large-scale clashes renewed in late 2008, killing hundreds of DR Congo civilians and forcing thousands more to flee.

As a result of this seemingly never-ending conflict, Food for the Hungry (FH) says the DR Congo remains one of the world's poorest and most food insecure nations. It has one of the world's worst child mortality rates (554,000 children under the age of 5 die each year), and 80% of the population lives below the absolute poverty line (less than $1 a day).

In 1995, FH started working in the DR Congo to assist unaccompanied refugee children and in 2006, began helping thousands of former refugees rebuild their lives and communities in eastern DRC. The ministry partnered with local leaders, churches, and families to assist more than 129,000 people in the Katanga Province.

Six years down the road, FH reports sustainable progress. Families and individuals in eastern DR Congo now have improved farming methods, better roads, access to clean water, and more income-generating projects.

The ministry supplied a total of 9,000 households with seeds, tools, and training in improved agriculture practices, and they also provided 4 health centers with medical supplies. Nearly 4,000 individuals benefited from FH's Cash-for-Work activities, and 179 income generation groups were formed.

FH also provided critical assistance to the Fube community, responding to dire health, nutrition, and water needs. Teams constructed 5 wells and 8 rainwater catchment systems to provide clean water, and they reached over 1,800 households with essential health and hygiene messages. In addition, 10 savings and loan associations were formed and provided with savings and credit kits.

Praise God for this progress in war-torn DR Congo. Pray that God would bring healing to families whose lives have been destroyed by conflict.

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