Ministry responds to Kosovo independence bid

By December 7, 2007

Albania (MNN) — Serbia has drafted its reaction should Kosovo proclaim independence. 

Diplomats behind the failed talks, aimed at stabilizing the Balkans, are presenting their findings to the United Nations on December 10. Uncertainty about the future could fuel unrest.  In fact, the NATO-led force is prepared to deal with that in Kosovo, but the political situation requires help from the allied leaders.

Words of Hope's Lee DeYoung says their partners feel "…the attitude is supportive inside of Albania. There has been some reference to context in some of the programs that Words of Hope and its partners in Albania have done. But, in general, there hasn't been a major change in our program content as a result of this immediate development."

According to published reports, as soon as the envoys give their final report detailing why the talks failed, Kosovo's Albanian majority leaders are likely to proclaim independence from Serbia. Serbia is only prepared to grant autonomy, and conflict over more could inflame tensions.

Persecution in Serbia and, in particular, Kosovo, already has elements of ethnic and religious rivalries.

DeYoung urges prayer for those on the frontlines of ministry in Albania. "We definitely are making it a priority to try to provide more radio broadcast coverage inside of Kosovo in the future, and perhaps the move toward independence might, in some way, facilitate that. So that is on our radar screen to try to work out arrangements with some radio stations inside of Kosovo."

Pray for protection for Christians facing the threat of violence, particularly in Kosovo. Pray, too, that authorities will be able to establish peace in this troubled area.



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