Ministry says Cyclone Sidr’s damage worse than expected

By December 18, 2007

Bangladesh (MNN) — World Vision has completed their first round of relief efforts for the  areas of Bangladesh impacted by Cyclone Sidr. However, the damage is worse than first thought.

World Vision's original plans for relief were to rebuild 50,000 homes, but those plans have expanded after a an assessment by a United Nations report claiming the damage was "much worse than previously thought." There are now two million people or more needing assistance.

World Vision's Bangladesh office has put forth plans to respond with $15 million. 

The first round of relief work included deliveries of shelter materials to families that had lost their homes within the first few critical days. The plan of action was to ensure that food, clothing and shelter were given to the families in World Vision's program areas.

By December 9, World Vision's relief teams had distributed emergency supplies, including jerry cans and blankets, to 25,000 people. The most severely damaged areas received these supplies–in Bagerhat and Pirojpur in southern Bangladesh.

In the next phase of relief efforts ,the plans are to respond to the long-term needs of the people. This effort will include rebuilding water sources, re-establishing jobs, and replenishing livestock. Part of rebuilding homes will involve distributing corrugated sheet metal.

Already, three water-purifying units were given to World Vision and set up. The systems produce 10,000 liters of clean water every day which is used by about 75,000 families. This service is critical since water-borne illnesses are a threat in devastated areas. 

On top of all this, the needs of traumatized children are being met at Child-Friendly Spaces. In seven locations, World Vision is helping children recover from their experiences by providing a stable environment where they can sing, do art, play, and receive some education.  90 children are already attending the Child-Friendly Space at Laudobe. 

World Vision is thankful to all those who have helped them in their continuing efforts in Bangladesh. If you would like to fund what they are doing, go here.

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