Ministry seeks government approval to begin Christian school

By January 29, 2008

Niger (MNN) — For the past three years, SIM Niger has been helping educators teach from a Christian worldview. 

In addition to creative teaching methods, participants are taught that no education is value-free. When education is supported by the truths of Scripture, it will lead the student to a deepening awe of the Creator.

Teachers responded well to the course materials. A group of them enthusiastically started "Association Cornerstone" in order to start Christian schools across Niger. They pledged to each give 5000 cfa/month for the next 8 months in order to collect the 300,000 cfa needed to register a school with the Niger government. 

The association rented a building in Niamey and recruited a teacher. Parents lined up to enroll their children in the new school. However, their official recognition with the government has been delayed. Without it, it will be difficult to open their doors on January 30th as planned.

Pray that the Minister of the Interior will sign Cornerstone's request for recognition. 

This crucial project could change the future of Niger. Through prayers and giving, believers can make a difference. Partnerships to support training for a Nigerien teacher only requires $12/day, or $158 for the whole two-week course. Click here if you can help.

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