Ministry seeks growth in community transformation

By July 18, 2008

(MNN) — CrossRoads is an international ministry strategy of The JESUS
Film Project. The teams equip national
Campus Crusade staff to generate community movements. 

Although used most often as a direct response to the
HIV/AIDS epidemic, the program's focus on character and life skills development
makes it an effective solution to other societal crises, such as violence, drug
abuse, teen pregnancy and joblessness.

provides tools and training, and using the JESUS film is central to
illustrating how Jesus is the ultimate role model for character, provides power
for living, and a hope for the future.

Right now, there are 70 countries which
have adopted CrossRoad's strategies. Since it began in 1995, CrossRoads
has formed partnerships where they have earned the respect of governments, NGOs
and educators around the world.

Pray for the
staff. A small team is  going to Trinidad to help train campus staff
to use CrossRoads in a campus environment. Pray for this training time to go

A separate
team will be looking at launching new outreach in Switzerland next month. They
were invited to help the Swiss staff address rising problems of violence and
racism in Swiss schools and the society at large. Please  pray for an effective meeting.


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