Ministry strengthens a Christian hospital in Ghana

By May 23, 2012

Ghana (MNN) — The World Health Organization lists
malaria and measles as the leading causes of premature death in Ghana. Among
children under five years old, 70% of deaths are compounded by

That problem, topped by reports of fake and badly-made anti-malarial
medicines, threatens to undo a decade of progress. Yet modern medicine moves forward in Ghana, although
it's not evenly distributed across the country.

According to reports from the National Health Insurance Scheme of Ghana, there are 172 hospitals
in the country. Hospitals run by
faith-based groups make up 35% of Ghana's health services.

Groups like International Aid, a
non-profit medical supply organization, are stepping in to help Ghana's medical
community respond to the demands and challenges of working in a country where
close to a third of the population is living in poverty.

Jim Loeffler is International Aid's Director of Medical
Equipment Procurement. He dropped by
partnering hospital Medicus Christi in Ghana on his way back from Liberia. "They're
building an orthopedic wing to add to the maternal and infant care and fistula
wings of the hospital in Man Kessim, Cape Coast area."

According to Medicus Christi's president, Loeffler also
assessed the electric, water and structural requirements of the facility. "We're
providing surgical equipment, a C-arm, brand new portable X-ray system, and an
operating room table and light, along with accessories to perform orthopedic

The container is ready to go now, and International
Aid is raising $10,000-$12,000 to help cover shipping
costs. Loeffler notes that everything is on track to have the container in
Ghana by the beginning of August.

The hospital was founded to provide compassionate medical care to
impoverished people. According to the
mission statement at Medicus Christi, "Guided by the teachings of our
Lord, Jesus Christ, the Holy Physician, our organization strives to bring
highly skilled medical professionalism into poor countries where crucial
medical and surgical expertise are desperately lacking."

Loeffler says partnering with groups like Medicus Christi make it
possible to share the hope of Christ. "Our
piece of the Gospel sharing is to help those who are sharing the Gospel. We pray
for them every day, and we just pray that we can continue to help these folks
who are at the absolute point of the spear to spread the Gospel."

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