Ministry team forges ahead amidst Egypt’s unrest

By February 7, 2011

Egypt (PNS/MNN) — The Middle East is in turmoil as first Tunisia and now
Egypt face political upheaval. 

Hundreds of thousands are expressing their anger over the poverty, lack of
jobs, and the repression of the government. Clashes between anti-government and government
supporters have been deadly, while at the same time, thugs are using the chaos
as cover for looting and arson.  

Pioneers Arab World Media is continuing to stay the course, bringing the
hope of the Good News to Arab Muslims during these troubling times.

As Muslims respond to the gospel, their e-mails and phone calls are handled
by the Global
Response Management System (GRMS)
. Trained volunteers answer questions,
encourage those seeking the truth, and help Muslims coming to faith to make
contact with local believers.

There is hope that a great harvest waits to be reaped in the Arab world. Members of the Kasr Doubara church
(near Tahrir Square) have shared these prayer needs:

Our beloved country of Egypt is passing through difficult times in these
days. Thousands of people have gone into the streets to express their economic,
social, and political demands. These demands spring from the sufferings of the
Egyptian people as they face hard living conditions and many pressures. We know
all about these struggles, for we face them too. Our love for our dear country
has caused us to pray earnestly for many years for all sections of our

So we now call all our brothers and sisters in the church and all our
friends to redouble their prayers with us, so that we may come through this
time in peace and emerge as a more united people, with a stronger faith in a
bright future for our country. May the Lord give each and every one in his own
particular situation a vision to see how he can contribute positively, without
violence or destruction. Let us seek the face of the Lord and ask for the grace
of persevering, hopeful prayer for the making of a worthy future for ourselves
and our children. Let us cry out to Him with broken hearts and repent of all
corruption and wrongdoing both in us and around us. May He bless our country
with goodness, peace, justice, and righteousness.


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