Ministry team grows its safe haven for the deaf in Zambia

By May 15, 2012

(MNN) — God has placed a love for the deaf in the hearts of Roy and Sarah
Mwansa of Grace Ministries International.

couple lives in a city home with their 2 biological children, some relatives, 7 orphan
preschool children, and 10 deaf teens and young adults.

Aptly named "Safe Haven," t is a shelter for the deaf young ladies who have been
raped and abused, and for deaf young adults who have been discarded
by their families or do not have families.

are given three meals a day–a shocking generosity for many of them. The
Mwansa's dream is to empower the deaf with farming skills. The family wants to buy a plot of land outside
of town so they can teach their charges how to farm, develop Safe Haven further,
and protect the young deaf people.

pray for strength, wisdom, and endurance for Roy and Sarah. Sarah is pregnant
and struggling with high blood pressure. Please pray for continued spiritual growth for
the deaf at Safe Haven. Please pray for the deaf to understand and
believe that they are who God says they are.

This is just one aspect of GMI's work in Zambia, which goes back
to 1994. Grace Church in Tanzania and their evangelism
department began an outreach which in two years into something more
than a discipleship group and less than a church.

At that point, Grace Church in Tanzania–in partnership with Grace
Ministries International–sent a missionary team of two couples, Kennedy and
Sofia Simtowe, and Daniel and Tina Moyer, to start the new work.

Since that time, the Lord has blessed the ministry, and Zambia has become a base
of operations to reach out into the various countries around the southern
region. The vision of the Grace Church in Zambia is to start an outreach in a
new country every year. At the present time, there are graduates of Zambia
Grace Bible Institute serving the Lord in Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, and


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