Ministry teams serve to further church growth in Africa

By May 1, 2008

Africa (MNN) — HIV/AIDS rages
throughout Africa, infecting 22.5 million. It has left an orphan population of roughly 11 million children. But a
Christ-transformed heart can make a life or death difference. 

Every Orphan's Hope's Brian Smith
says that's the purpose of their Africa Trek. "What we try to do is get people over, and get in the dirt with the
orphans, build relationships with them, catch God's heart for what He's doing

According to Every Orphan's Hope, throughout
Scripture, God reveals His heart of compassion, justice and provision for the
orphan. His promises on their behalf are powerful. 

It's from this point that the
ministry seeks to help an orphan experience the love, protection and care that
God intends and will provide through His extended family – the local
Christian church.

Aside from their sponsorship
programs and My Father's House orphan home ministry, they needed people to take
on this mission personally, hence the Africa Trek.

They're taking evangelism and
construction teams to Zambia and South Africa in July. Two teams will be going for the Camp Hope
outreach: a Bible camp for the orphans. One team will build for My Father's
House. Each orphan home provides just
such an environment for eight orphans and a widowed house mother.

Smith says, "We partner with
the churches who are there. Our job is to be somewhat of a catalyst. The real
growth, in the long-term, happens after the camp is over. So we make sure that
we go out with the evangelistic component tied to the church. The church then
carries the baton from there."

Every Orphan's Hope is committed
to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with orphaned children in Africa. Smith says "action" is the key word for their
outreach. "It is God's heart to reach out and defend the orphan. A lot of
times we get all concerned about what our part is in His plan. But really, our
job is to jump into what God is doing."

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