Ministry to Greece laying foundation with youth

By January 2, 2009

Greece (MNN) — In Macedonia, ministry
continues to grow. Although many are "Christians" in name only,
church workers say the people of the region are spiritually hungry. 

The term "Christian" differentiates
Slavic Macedonians from their countrymen of Albanian descent, who bear the
label "Muslim." Both cling to their labels more as an ethnic ID tag
than a life-changing faith.

Those who claim a faith in God often have a strong mix of superstition and
a superficial knowledge of the Word of God.

SEND International has a team at work
in Macedonia to help cultivate the field for ministry. There are plans underway for four major
church plants.

The team also launched the Barnabas Ministry. Its purpose is to equip pastors, lay leaders
and church members to minister more effectively in their churches.  The end goal is training a new generation of
leaders to launch a church planting movement.

Even though evangelical churches are
often viewed as "cults," SEND International's team has seen
encouraging progress with building the foundations of a new Junior High Ministry,
among other longstanding work.

Please pray that God will prepare the hearts of the kids who will be participating in this ministry, that they will be receptive to teaching from God's Word.

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