Ministry to launch new plane fleet and expansion plans despite fuel crisis

By August 5, 2008

International (MNN) — New Tribes
Paul Wyton says before they began to feel the pinch of the fuel
crisis, they knew they were going to have to replace their aviation fleet. 

The ministry is trying to head
off a disruption to their work in the future. Most of their aircraft have piston engines, which run on avgas. The problem is that avgas costs are outpacing
the prices of other petroleum fuels, while at the same time growing
increasingly scarce.

According to New Tribes, outside
the USA, the demand for avgas is not great enough to keep it in volume
production. Prices have risen to more
than $10 a gallon, and scarcity could continue to drive prices toward $20 a

New Tribes is buying 14 of the
new Kodiak planes, designed with the demands of missionary aviation and the coming
scarcity of fuel in mind. "It flies
on jet fuel, and that's the primary selling point for us. Jet fuel is readily available in all of the
countries where we currently serve. The Kodiak flies 25-percent faster. It's a
muchlarger airplane and will carry twice the payload of the aircraft that
we're currently using." 

The Kodiak employs a turbine
engine and a new wing design that means it can land and take off in a shorter
distance and climb at a much faster rate. The planes also require less maintenance.

The first
plane will be put into service next year. As each plane becomes available, New tribes will need
an additional $600,000 to complete its purchase and outfitting.  

The Kodiak was designed for mission aviation, but
the rigors of jungle aviation require additional equipment. The remaining cost also includes things
like transportation, customs fees and maintenance tools–in short,
everything needed to have the plane on the ground and ready for service.

Wyton acknowledges the high price tag but
says when it comes to the Bible, "There's a tremendous urgency to get the
Gospel to the ends of the earth. We're
working in many different locations around the world. Different tribal groups
are asking for missionaries, and we don't have missionaries to place in those
locations. We're not looking to cut back programs, we're looking to

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