Ministry to present conference in one violence-riddled Indian State

By November 19, 2007

India (MNN) — A resurgence of militant activity in Jammu and Kashmir states has India on high alert.  Within the last two weeks, there have been several major clashes between
rebel forces and the government.  The violence is causing great concern for the Global Advance Frontline Shepherds team.

Global Advance's David Shibley says, "Our upcoming conference in Jammu, of course, is jeopardized by the potential of violence in that area.  This is one of the most volatile
areas in  the entire world but northern India is also home to the largest cluster of unreached peoples anywhere in the world," said Shibley.

It is their fist conference in that area for Global Advance.  Shibley says it is a strategic
area because pastors there are quite intimidated by the hostility where they work that is fueled by the historic religions pitted against each other.  The clashes between the two have resulted in at least 20 deaths in Kashmir in the last two weeks.

Some authorities have blamed the spike on the crisis in neighboring Pakistan.  It is possible that the emergency there is pushing militants into these Indian regions.  Officials also hope that the resurgence is just a temporary phase before the winter months. 

Grace, love and boldness of the church will be themes of the conference.

Since pastors have been historically cowered into silence, Shibley says we need ot pray.  "Pray that God's grace, His favor, His protection and a loving, holy, boldness would come on these pastors for this tremendous time of harvest and opportunity."

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