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By March 12, 2009

Senegal (PSI) — Bartimee Medical
Center, a hospital created and managed by ministry partner Inter-Senegal
Mission, has been elected to host a cleft lip surgery program for several
children. Approximately 20-25 children will receive the operation.

In January, government health
authorities elected Bartimee Medical Center (BMC) to host a cleft lip surgery
program for children in the surrounding area. Funds were granted for patients
needing these services but whose families have no money to pay for it. The
cleft lip operation, including a minimum of two days hospitalization, costs

BMC has already begun screening candidates. Dr. Adamson, the head doctor at
BMC, estimates that there are 40-50 potential candidates. The program will
grant approximately half of the candidates with the surgery. The other children
will be placed on a waiting list for another program or will be recommended to
other hospitals in Dakar.

"We are both surprised and honored," said Willy, BMC's administrative
assistant. "This will echo our testimony throughout the surrounding

BMC was chosen over two other hospitals because of the quality of care their
hospital provides. Health authorities said that BMC is better equipped to
handle these surgeries than the other hospitals in the area.

Partners International has been working with Inter-Senegal
Mission (ISM),  the first indigenous church-planting
agency in Senegal.  ISM's goal is to
establish churches among two key Muslim people groups, the Wolof and Serer.

To do this, ISM started a program called Operation
Bartimaeus, a community development program integrating health care and
education, micro-loans, literacy, and agriculture projects.

In 1999, a small medical center in a rented house was
opened for patients in a poor section of a major city. Today the medical work
has grown, and so has the need, especially in the villages where people have no
access to medical care. The approach of caring for people's needs has given ISM
freedom to enter Muslim villages in a non-threatening way, resulting in new
churches being established.

Please pray for the surgeons and quick
healing for the children. Pray for BMC
staff to demonstrate God's perfect love through their words and deeds. Pray that
many parents and their children will be touched by God's love through this


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