Ministry to support special-needs children in Guatemala

By February 14, 2013

Guatemala (MNN) — Special-needs children are often considered to be outcasts in cultures around the world. But thanks to Orphan's Heart, the international arm of Florida Baptist Children's Home, help is on the way in Guatemala. Orphan's heart is helping a Guatemalan foundation establish a place that will minister to those with special needs, both physically and spiritually.

Ron Gunter, speaking from Northern Guatemala, says, "We're talking about the possibility of building a rehab center here that can be used to help care for the children and their needs."

Lazaro Garcia with the foundation Nuevo Pacto says, "Our vision with Nuevo Pacto is to help children with special needs, poor families, and malnourished children."

Garcia continues, "We have a plan to construct a building for special needs children, and it's our desire that it will be accomplished. Hopefully our vision will be expanded to other parts of the country since most of these people don't have any help."

According to Gunter, there are approximately 100 poor families in the region served by Orphan's Heart, and nearly 60 special-needs children. "We have some very special needs represented in the construction of the building: physical therapists, doctors, and others will need to come on a regular basis to help with the physical needs of the children."

As these individuals are assisted, they'll not only be getting their physical needs met, but they'll be hearing about Christ.

Orphan's Heart needs your financial assistance with this construction project, which is scheduled to begin in August. If you'd like to help, click here.

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