Ministry trusting in God’s plan

By January 26, 2017

International (MNN) – Usually, a ministry is motivated by at least two things — what has already been done, and what needs to be done. Just like we can turn to the Old Testament pages to remember God’s faithfulness since the beginning of time, ministries can look at how God has guided and provided for them over the years.

But they know the work is not done. People are still suffering around the world, and many have never heard the name, Jesus. And so, with 2016 in the review mirror, AMG International is confidently moving forward into what God is bringing them to this year.

Anniversaries, markers of ministry growth

AMG_indiawellThis last year, AMG was able to celebrate their 20th anniversary in Uganda where they assist impoverished children and also help with radio broadcast and other ministry outreaches.

Tasos Ioannidis of AMG says, “Over the 20 years, we have seen a lot of fruit and then during the celebrations we were able to hear a number of testimonies from individuals who basically came from very poor backgrounds and they were able to get out of poverty. They are now being productive; a lot of them have finished not just high school, but the university. They work in a variety of areas and they are committed followers of Christ and God is using them in wonderful ways.”

In addition, they were able to open a new nursing school. Ioannidis says this was desperately needed in Uganda where there is one nurse per 5,000 people.

AMG in Peru (Photo courtesy of AMG International).

AMG in Peru. (Photo courtesy of AMG International)

They also marked four decades of ministry in Guatemala where they work with partners to care for 8,000 children. Ioannidis says they have seen many people come to know Jesus. Additionally, they have seen children from broken backgrounds climb from poverty and live full lives to the glory of God.

And in India they’ve passed the 50-year milestone.

“As we have worked there with the least of these, with people, with poor children, with leprosy sufferers, with elderly that have nowhere else to turn for help, we are seeing God do amazing things there as well. There are more than 200,000 people that are helped through AMG India and through the support of AMG in the US and other organizations.”

Additionally, AMG International will celebrate 75 years of ministry this year.

Growing outreach on new frontiers

Ministry has been growing all around the world, including in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Turkey.

Ioannidis says, “We are in more than 30 countries now and God is using our co-workers around the world in wonderful ways. We are particularly excited about the openings and the doors and the opportunities in the Muslim world. There are so many doors that have opened to our ministry in different countries [where] Islam is the predominant religion.”

This ministry happens through national workers and media such as radio broadcasts that present the Gospel.

To whom credit is due

Ioannidis says they are “exclusively dependent” on God’s provision and guidance. They recognize His hand in all things.

(Photo courtesy of AMG International).

(Photo courtesy of AMG International)

He says, “None of this ministry would happen without a constant focus on what God’s will is. We are very prayerfully and very intentionally seeking God’s will daily, and also the most important and critical reason we are able to see the fruit we are seeing is because of the very committed followers of Christ we are able to work through.”

But it’s not just skilled workers on the ground who carry out this mission. People can support through prayer, encouragement, and resources.

“Without faithful Christians supporting this ministry, none of this ministry is possible. We are grateful for the faithful partners that we’ve had over the years that are both praying and financially supporting this ministry.”

Wondering if you should support AMG International?

You can learn more about AMG here. And if you’re thinking about giving financially, Ioannidis has this to say:

“When anybody partners with us, they can be assured that God is using them to impact lives in so many different places. God is using our partners to change people for this life and for eternity.”

Another way you can help is to pray. Ioannidis gives one example:

“More than anything, we do need people’s prayers. We need people to be praying for our national workers — our national leadership in particular around the world. A lot of them are in very difficult situations, they serving under very difficult circumstances. A lot of them are in places where harassment and persecution are present.”

Pray for their impact, boldness, and safety.

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