Ministry waiting out the violence in Kenya

By January 31, 2008

Kenya (MNN) — For the past three days there has been unprecedented violence in one of the larger cities of Kenya–a city which had been peaceful. The death toll in that area is now at 60, with clashes continuing in surrounding estates. These have been tribal clashes for the most part — one group taking revenge on another group as the fighting escalates. Homes were burned, and people are seeking refuge in churches, schools, and private homes.

World Gospel Mission leaders say they're spending most of their days monitoring the situation around the areas where missionaries are located, consulting with their relief coordinator on how to get funds to where they are needed, and keeping people updated on the changing conditions. The outbreaks of violence limit travel, but the field directors are continuing their scheduled meetings as much as possible.

WGM is asking believers to pray for the Africa Gospel Church Baby Center. Since the center hires people from a number of tribes, it was reportedly on a list to be attacked by local gangs. Prayer walks and other organized prayers efforts are underway at the center. Pray that God will continue to protect the center.

Electricity, water and other supplies have been scarce. Water has to be delivered. Pray that God will continue to provide for the needs of the center — including diapers. This crisis will have long-term effects. Pray that WGM will be effective in providing relief, but also sharing the Gospel.

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