Ministry weighs significance of 1%

By June 24, 2013

Burma (MNN) — Have you ever thought about the significance of 1%?

If our days were 1% longer, we would have 14 extra minutes, or 3.5 more days in a year.

Partners Relief and Development is asking what 1% of your paycheck could do for Burma's refugees.

"To realize that most of us afford to spend almost $1000 on coffee but say we cannot afford to give to charity is an eye-opener for me. And I hope to others as well," says Partners co-founder Oddny Gumaer in an e-mail.

While picturing your life with days that were 1% longer, consider this scenario: all of your money is gone, along with your food, belongings, and your home. Imagine if you had a home, but no money to pay for your children to go to school, or for medicine if they got sick.

This is reality for many of the people Partners works with in Burma.

What kind of impact could you have if you gave 1% of your income to the children of Buma? Partners has a tool to help you figure that out.

Pray that more help will be given to refugee families through these 1% gifts.

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