Ministry’s supplies run low as Haiti faces impending food crisis

By November 7, 2012

Haiti (MNN) — It seems like Haiti can't catch a break. They've faced a year of drought, and Hurricane Isaac brought death and destruction at the end of August. Then Sandy came along with floods and further havoc.

"Sandy did worse than Isaac," says Rosaline DeHart with For Haiti With Love. "Before the storm, the president had promised to bring rice into the country, and it never happened. After the storm, all the crops were just washed out with the storm."

Back-to-back disasters, broken political promises, and the ongoing food dilemma have taken a toll on the faith of Haitian believers.

"They totally have lost faith," DeHart explains. "They said that God is not listening to them anymore."

Haiti's food woes are mounting, and the government has repeated its plea for international aid in recent days. Last week, the UN said that damage from hurricanes Sandy and Isaac, combined with rising food costs and a persistent drought in the northern regions of Haiti, means that up to two million Haitians are now at risk of malnutrition.

"These people will continue to struggle till the next large harvest in mid-2013," says Myrta Kaulard, Haiti director for the UN World Food Program. "The struggle will be tough."

For Haiti provides food, shelter, and medical aid for Haiti's poor. DeHart says they've seen many more young faces coming around since Sandy.

"There are a lot of kids on the streets. We don't know if the parents have washed out with the rain or [what], but there's a lot of homeless kids," says DeHart.

The ministry has taken in about 2 dozen street kids, along with feeding about 500 families each day. For Haiti's supplies are running low, and another food crate isn't coming until December. Click here to learn more about For Haiti's food programs and how you can help.

In the midst of turmoil, prayer is essential.

"We just pray, day by day, that God will provide," DeHart says. She also asks you to "pray for Haiti that it gets better. Pray for us that until then, we can continue to help them."

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