Minority Christian broadcasts touch lives in Uganda

By December 29, 2008

Uganda (MNN) — Ugandans are again living in fear following government attacks on positions held by the Lord's Resistance Army. Residents in northern Uganda say the recent attacks might spur the LRA to attack innocent civilians and commit more atrocities. In a time of uncertainty, people are open to the Gospel.

Words of Hope beams programming into Uganda, says the ministry's vice president for broadcasting, Lee DeYoung. "Words of Hope has been broadcasting in Uganda in the languages of Luganda, Bari and English. Bari is a tribal group from Sudan, but there are many thousands of Bari-speaking people who have been born and reside inside Uganda."

According to DeYoung, the broadcasts are aired widely. "The broadcasts for those programs are heard in Uganda on some private FM stations in various parts of the country where there are concentrations of Bari-speaking people, but also now in South Sudan itself."

Simply because radio is broadcast in their language, there is an open door to evangelism. "For people who are a minority in a given place, hearing their language being spoken on the radio gives them a sense of validation, and there's an immediate interest in tuning in," says DeYoung.

He believes this is a unique opportunity to touch hearts.

DeYoung says this wouldn't happen without partnership. "Through the partnership that we have in both the production as well as the follow up, throughout the country more and more congregations are becoming interested and becoming actively involved. And there's an increasing enthusiasm and momentum to use the radio to make a difference in touching that East Africa country."

Words of Hope is in the midst of a campaign called Vision 2010. This campaign intends to add to their present ministry new projects such as assistance to the church in Niger and Uganda. If you'd like to help them, click here.

To view their informational video, click here.

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