Miracle Channel reaches Muslims for Christ

By November 24, 2011

USA (MNN) — While violence continues to plague much of the Middle East, it won't end unless hearts are changed. The only way for that to happen is by the transforming power of Christ. That's the message of  Miracle Channel television network.

Miracle Channel CEO Barty Shokralla says love is the best way to change hearts. "We love Muslims so much. And we have to separate between the violence and the people — ordinary people just like you and me. Our focus is how we share the Gospel with them in an effective and efficient way."

Miracle channel is positioned to do that. "We are covering an area of 350 million Arabic-speaking people. Last year we received 161,000 responses, and 80% of them were Muslims."

Violence seems to follow organizations who are overtly telling Muslims about Jesus Christ. Shokralla says, "There's always a risk. If we go out scared, it's better we stay at home doing nothing. God's Kingdom and Christianity through the centuries has always faced persecution. Many people have been killed, and we're no better than them."

Many Christians who want to go the Middle East to share Christ spend thousands of dollars to get there, and they may only have opportunity to talk to a few dozen people. Shokralla says, "With $51 for half an hour, we are reaching to 350 million people in 22 different countries."

And the impact is eternally significant, says Shokralla. "We literally hear stories every single day of people meeting Christ at a personal level."

If you'd like to help Miracle Channel share Christ with Muslims around the world, go to http://www.MiracleChannel.net.

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