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By September 29, 2016
missio nexus

USA (MNN) — Mission Network News is about to go ‘on the road’ this week to Louisville, Kentucky.

“What’s there?” you might be wondering.  It’s the annual Missio Nexus Mission Leaders Conference 2016.  This is the heartbeat of Mission Network News and our parent group, One Way Ministries: resourcing and connecting the Body of Christ.

missio nexus

(Logo cred: Missio Nexus via Facebook)

To clarify, Missio Nexus is an organization aimed at helping Great Commission workers share dreams, networks, and resources, which will further propel the Gospel around the world. In short, they’re working together to help stock the shelves in the Marketplace of Ideas.

It’s partly in answer to a couple of areas where the North American Church could take stronger and more purposeful roles alongside mission agencies; and, there’s a new generation advancing the Gospel with multicultural energy.

Among the conversations is one called ‘Missions For The Rest of Us: Why Soccer Moms, Golfing Dads and Hipster Nomads Want ‘In’ on Global Missions.’  The discussion is led by Rick Lowe, Pastor of GLOCAL Outreach, from the Wayside Chapel in San Antonio, Texas.  Some of the questions he’ll be exploring are:

*Is the mission of God in this world still an “extra” in your congregation?

*Is missions an event or program for the “super-spiritual” or “super-strange”?

*Is it a topic that comes up during small group Bible studies and spiritual conversations…but never during family meals, treks to the gym, and the ordinary stuff-of-life?


That’s just one of dozens of conversations that will be taking place Thursday, September 29 through Saturday, October 01. The theme for this year’s conference is: “United, We Can Do More”.  In essence, it’s bringing together mission-focused churches and Great Commission organizations, and catalyzing each of their strengths on the global advance of the Gospel.

(Image courtesy Missio Nexus)

(Image courtesy Missio Nexus)

At this year’s Missio Nexus Mission Leadership Conference, there will be created spaces for coming up with solutions to problems faced by churches and mission groups who are often dealing with the same set of issues. It’s also a time to rest together and worship together — a reminder that we’re all in this….together.

Pray for creative juices to flow as mission leaders come together this week.  Ask God to open the doors for out-of-the-box solutions to issues faced by the Church.  Pray for respite for leaders who are coming into this meeting, worn down and discouraged.  Ask God to renew vision and purpose.

Click here to find out more about Missio Nexus, and stay tuned for details coming this week.

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