Mission agencies concerned about year-end funding

By December 16, 2008

USA (MNN) — An aviation ministry is feeling the economic impact from two fronts and asks for your prayers and financial support.

MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) has been hit hard by the recent fuel crisis and the worsening shortage of aviation gasoline (avgas) overseas. They been paying $13 or more a gallon for aviation fuel. President of MAF John Boyd stated, "Although oil prices have temporarily abated, the scarcity of avgas is keeping prices very high."

Now, the situation is being compounded by the global financial crisis. Because of the economic downturn, donations have declined by 8%. Boyd says, "Despite having reduced expenses by 22% since July, we're facing a situation where we may have to slow down, or even shut down some operational programs simply because the funding that we need day-to-day isn't with us at the moment."

This isn't the time for Christians to stop giving, says Boyd. Difficult times allow ministry to be more effective. "People become more open and more receptive to the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These are the times to double our efforts so we can get out there and continue the ministry."

When MAF struggles, it affects more than their own missionaries, says Boyd. "Tens of thousands of people depend on MAF, including indigenous Christian workers and other ministries, as well as missionary and humanitarian organizations. So when MAF is struggling to operate, the ripple effect is felt acutely in the remote and isolated areas where the ministry serves."

Boyd believes these difficult economic times can be a great witness of God's intervention and Providence. "God can be glorified during this time. I know the testimony and the witness that will come when the Lord's people continue to quietly pray and give in spite of the economy's challenges."

In the meantime, Boyd and the MAF staff is resting on the Lord as they continue to minister in His name. "God's will and mighty work is never thwarted. In that we can rest. So I encourage our ministry partners to continue faithfully praying and giving."

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