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Published on 21 February, 2005

Mission Aviation Fellowship connects others to the outside world.

Indonesia (HCJB/MNN)–At the Indonesian government’s request, Mission Aviation Fellowship is helping with aid distribution after December’s devastation by tsunamis and earthquakes.

But with ministry thrusts in flight, communications and logistics, MAF is taking it one step farther by operating a center where relief groups and others connect to the outside world.

At Meulaboh MAF established a “net cafe tent”, a communications center. MAF Quito Manager Brian Behal says it’s a natural fit because flight, communications and logistics are MAF’s ministry thrusts. He describes the “net cafe” as open to anyone with a laptop. “We were asked to come put in some internet-by-satellite type systems, VSAT, very small aperture terminals. And since we’ve had experience in doing that in different parts of the world we responded pretty quickly.”

It also provides opportunities for evangelism. “Like evangelism that we do everywhere in the world, that is not our main thrust. We are there to support the groups that are doing evangelism But all of our pilots, all of our mechanics, everyone who’s a part of MAF is an evangelical Christian and has signed a statement of faith that says we believe in Jesus as the only way to God. And anyone who believes that shares that particular hope with anyone they come in contact with.”

MAF moved staff to Meulaboh from elsewhere in the region to best serve people’s needs. The teams are assisting in the overall coordination of relief efforts and working to install a communications network using satellites. MAF is appealing to contributors everywhere to provide funding for this unprecedented relief effort.

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