Mission Aviation Fellowship moves to assist tsunami survivors.

By December 30, 2004

Indonesia (MNN)–Tsunami damage reports are pouring in now, matched by aid efforts and a mobilization of a corps who are rising to meet physical and spiritual needs in South Asia.

Mission Aviation Fellowship’s David Wunsch says their Indonesian base was spared tsunami damage because it was shielded by the islands of Sumatra and Java. But, in mobilizing help, they realized their equipment was inadequate in the scope of the tragedy. Their planes were simply too small to transport the needed amounts of aid. On top of that, MAF did not want to leave those they service daily in a lurch. Effective use versus heart desire–a tough call to make to stay put in the face of overwhelming need.

However, Wunsch says MAF found a way to be involved. They shifted their response through another organization that started out of MAF, called ‘Airserv’. “They are much better equipped to respond to this type of situation, and, in fact, they are trying to do that right now and get some equipment into Indonesia.”

Wunsch says they are trying to facilitate Airserv’s aid. “They’re having a little bit of difficulty at this point. There’s a possibility that we can help them get in–into the country of Indonesia, perhaps even under our flight concession that we’ve got, and through our relationships that we’ve built.”

Through these difficult days, pray for those involved in the relief efforts, and for those on standby, ready to assist.

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