Mission celebrates anniversary, plans to keep growing

By April 21, 2008

International (MNN) — In twelve years, Scott Harrison's "second life" has been a productive one. As a retired orthopedic surgeon, he founded CURE International to help disabled children both inside and out. 

The medical conditions that many of their patients suffer from are treatable; they just need someone capable of doing so. CURE does even more than that. They've treated about 650,000 children in their twelve years and seen as many as 46,000 faith conversions. 

"I view this organization as a ministry meeting the medical needs of children rather than a medical charity doing ministry work," said Harrison, who serves as CURE's president and CEO. "We seek to cure children from their physical ailments, but all the while showing
them an example of godly love healing them wholly."

Harrison's vision for helping people in Third World countries was sparked during his year of medical service in Vietnam. His wife, Sally, is a former nurse and has played a vital role in continuing the spiritual emphasis of CURE. 

Harrison's goal is to keep establishing at least on new hospital each year. In the next two years, CURE International plans to establish four more: one each in Ethiopia, Egypt, Niger, and Palestine. This means more people in more locations will be hearing God's Word and
seeing His love in the Christian doctors and nurses they encounter. 

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