‘Mission Central’ is officially running

By March 30, 2009

Africa (MNN) — Many ministries would agree that cramped and unsatisfactory work spaces can be suffocating to potential volunteers and employees. With the help of multiple volunteers and gifts, however, one group is finally able to breathe.

Every Child Ministries is excited to introduce its new international headquarters, Mission Central. "This is the place where we manage everything, and it's also a place where volunteers do a lot of projects on behalf of the ministry that allow it to function and make it all possible," explains ECM's Lorella Rouster.

The new facility has four times the space of the last one and has room for projects and private discussion, luxuries that were not available before. The extra space makes it possible for multiple projects to take place at once. It also allows for the reinstitution of some programs that had been put on hold.

"[For] our literature program for African Sunday schools and children's ministries, we just did not have the space to do what we wanted," says Rouster. "But now we have reinstated that program, and we have a volunteer working on it today."

The new facility has allowed for the ministry to expand and continue its programs, which will ultimately benefit the children in Africa that Every Child Ministries works so diligently to serve. "The ultimate result is that we will be able to reach more children for Christ more effectively, and in a bigger, wider way," says Rouster. "We're seeing the effects of that already."

In order for the facility to be used to its full potential, sufficient numbers of volunteers are necessary. The old building will eventually be used as a training center for volunteers when they do arrive. Pray for people to be compelled to serve and for the funding to develop the old facility for training.

If you would like to contribute to Every Child Ministries' various projects to reach African children with the Gospel, click here.


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