Mission Cry Bibles held up in Philippines for six months

By October 4, 2022

The Philippines (MNN) — Early in 2022, Mission Cry tried to send a shipping container full of Bibles and Christian books to the Philippines. This is a way Mission Cry supports other ministries all around the world.


But local authorities in the Philippines have held up this particular container. Jason Woolford says, “Usually, every year that we send containers, 18 to 24, big giant sea containers, it goes off without much of a problem. People are praying for them.”

The container has now been held up for six months. Woolford says, “They’re trying to get our recipient on the other side to just abandon the container. Then they can take it and sell the Bibles.”

Mission Cry has seen this kind of corruption in other countries as well. Sometimes, Muslim or Hindu authorities will try to keep the Bibles away from people for religious reasons.

Pray for the release of this container. Woolford says, “We normally send Bibles, Christian Ed materials, Christian bookstore, and seminary materials. But this particular container has brand new Mission Cry Bibles on it as well, so we need that released.”

 “There’s so many people in and around Manila, in the north in the South that are counting on these Bibles.”

This year, Mission Cry has sent Bibles to Mexico, China, Zimbabwe, Peru, and more. You can sponsor Mission Cry containers to these countries. Learn more or donate at their website.



The header photo shows a Mission Cry shipping container arriving in Nigeria. (Photo courtesy of Mission Cry on Facebook)

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