Mission Cry customizes first ministry resource Bible

By April 23, 2019

International (MNN) – Mission Cry recently released the first publication of a special edition ministry Bible. Mission Cry customized it specifically for donation in overseas countries.

Over the last ten years, President of Mission Cry Jason Woolford says they saw a trend toward fewer Bibles donated, which created a shortage for a ministry focused on repurposing donated Christian books and Bibles for overseas partners. Rather than not send Scripture, they decided to try something new.

“To fill that [need for Bibles] we were able to partner with the Lockman Foundation. We now have just delivered today [April 3, 2019] 21,000 copies of the first ever Christian Resources International NASB Bible,” Woolford says.

Publishing and Bible Features

The Mission Cry Bible is a NASB New Testament with a few other key features, including the plan of salvation located right at the front of the Bible.

(Photo courtesy of Mission cry via Facebook)

“We are so excited about that, that someone can open it up and read why they should read the Bible and then also [have] a chance to ask Jesus into their life,” Woolford says.

Woolford developed a discipleship program that is located at the end of the Bible. The G300 discipleship program is based on the Marine Code of conduct and general orders. It trains readers on how to become a Christian soldier and a disciple of Jesus Christ.

“Supporting this Bible at two dollars per Bible, it not only gives someone a new Bible, gives them the opportunity to be discipled and will also put it in the hands of someone overseas for two dollars. It’s an unbelievable blessing.”

How to Get Involved

Do you want to get involved? Donate to Mission Cry to send these Bibles and other Christian Resources overseas. These inexpensive Bibles can be a way to show someone the Gospel for the first time.

Woolford says, “These Bibles we get, we give away for free overseas…We are adding additional copies of the Word of God [to our shipments], which doesn’t return void.”

Click here to donate to Mission Cry.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry via Facebook)

Second, pray for Mission Cry as they share God’s Word. Pray that they can send more Bibles and more Christian books to those who need these resources.

Woolford also asks for prayers for these Bibles to help people become disciples.

“It’s one thing for people to get saved… it’s another thing for them to be discipled, because… disciples become disciple-makers. Be praying for those who get the Bible that they become the best disciples and the best disciple-makers that we’ve ever seen.” Woolford says.



Header photo courtesy of Mission Cry via Facebook.

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