Mission Cry is sending Bibles around the globe even during COVID-19 pandemic

By May 19, 2020

International (MNN) – Though the COVID-19 pandemic forced much of the world to shut down, Mission Cry is still sending God’s Word to those in need. Executive Director of Mission Cry, Jason Woolford, explains that the pandemic is making the need for God’s Word even more clear.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry.)

He says, “I believe there’s nothing more essential than sending the word of God.”

“We recently sent a container to China and one to Africa. We’ve done that because we understand there’s people that are hurting and the only thing that’s going to help somebody when they’re hurting is the word of God,” he adds.

Reaching the World with God’s Word

Mission Cry sends around 13 million dollars of used Christian books and Bibles around the globe each year. They work to provide resources for teaching and training to schools, ministries, and missionaries who lack the funds to purchase books for themselves.

These used books and Bibles are donated by ordinary people and sent by mail to Mission Cry’s headquarters. Learn more about donating your books here. 

Woolford explains that when Mission Cry has a shortage of donated Bibles, they send Mission Cry NASB Bibles.

This Bible contains a plan of salvation easily located at the front of the Bible and a discipleship program included at the back. “There’s a discipleship program that I wrote at the back, teaching men and women what it is to, from cradle to grave, serve God,” Woolford says.

The Mission Cry Bible costs only $2 to print and send to someone needing a Bible. “We had one lady in Africa who was literally crying at the age of 30 years old because she has always wanted her own Bible and she finally got one,” Woolford adds.

How to Help

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

COVID-19 is also creating a few setbacks for Mission Cry. Currently, the ministry has four sea containers ready to be shipped but lacks the financial resources to send them.

Woolford says, “If they’re sponsored, that would send nearly $4 million worth of free Bibles and Christian books around the world.”

Mission Cry is asking for donations of books and financial resources to help ship these containers. Help reach the world with God’s Word here. 

You can also pray. Ask the Lord to provide Mission Cry with the resources they need to continue their ministry. Pray also for these Christian books to reach those who are struggling and need God’s Word the most.


Header photo courtesy of Mission Cry. 

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