Mission Cry piggybacking on medical shipment to get Bibles, Christian books into Liberia

By April 28, 2023

Liberia (MNN) — Mission Cry has had a hard time getting their shipments of Bibles and Christian books in Liberia. In the past, the ministry has only been able to send one sea container to Liberia with biblical materials. However, the Lord recently opened Gospel doors through a new ministry partnership.

Rev. Jason Woolford, President of Mission Cry says, “This one’s unique as we are partnering with another ministry who’s sending medical equipment, and because they are sending the medical supplies in, we’re able to add half of the container with Bibles and seminary and Christian-authored books.”

Mission Cry connected with this ministry partner through a Christian man who fled Liberia during the last civil war which ended in 2003. He escaped to America, but never lost his love for Liberian people who still need physical aid and the hope of Jesus Christ. Since then, he’s earned the trust of the Liberian government and travels between the two countries.

(Photo courtesy of Mission Cry)

Liberian hospitals receiving this medical equipment will also get some of the Bibles and Christian books sent by Mission Cry.

“Those that have traveled overseas and seen hospitals, they would remind you of something that you’d see in a war-torn country where you can’t believe that people are actually being treated in these facilities,” says Woolford.

“For them to be able to receive the Word of God, the only thing that doesn’t return void, that’s so wonderful. We’re providing the practical need with some medical equipment on these shipments which we don’t normally do; but most importantly, giving them the Word of God which is the biggest request — even bigger than the medical equipment they’re requesting.”

The rest of the Bibles, Christian books, and seminary materials will go on to Liberian seminaries and other distribution points for evangelism.

Although over two dozen languages are spoken in Liberia, English is the official language. Woolford says, “When you look at English as the financial language of the world, you look at the wars and world wars that have left English behind and then countries teaching their kids to speak English, this is very sought after — to the point that we’ll be sending nearly 120,000 free Bibles and Christian books for the country just on these shipments and they’re needed…. There’s obviously areas where they can’t read English, but we’re sending to the areas where there is and it’s coveted.”

In total, Mission Cry has sent $450 million-worth of free Bibles and Christian books to 178 nations.

Each container costs $11,000 to ship and contains half a million dollars-worth of good quality used Christian books and Bibles.

Woolford asks, “Please come alongside and support this container. We’ve had businesses or individuals or churches sponsor an entire container or just portions of it. We’re stepping out in faith for our brothers and sisters in Liberia, for those that are in desperate need…. Pray for the financial support of it and then, of course, the distribution of it.”

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Header photo courtesy of Mission Cry.

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