Mission Cry sends Bibles and books to Albania

By November 9, 2020
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Albania (MNN) — A container of Bibles and used books arrived in Albania, providing Christians with access to the Word of God and other faith-based books and resources.

Mission Cry partners with a ministry in Amsterdam who approached them about sending resources to Albania, and Jason Woolford says they jumped at the chance.

“[The ministry] has a missionary in Albania that was able to clear a container, so we donated over a half a million dollars’ worth of free Bibles and Christian books along with an entire pallet of our Mission Cry New Testament Bible and discipleship program,” he says. “It’s being distributed as we speak.”

A small percentage of the population in the country is Christian, so Mission Cry and their partner hope these materials can bless those who don’t know Jesus and believers alike.

“We’re hoping to reach those that are not believers, but also give the Word of God to people who can’t afford it,” Woolford says.

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Overcoming Obstacles

Because Islam is a prominent religion in Albania, sending and distributing Bibles and other Christian materials comes with difficulty. Often, Muslims try to keep the containers from even entering the country. Because of both these difficulties and the expense of sending so many materials overseas, Woolford asks readers to support Mission Cry as they are able.

“[Pray] for containers [to be released] at the port, [and please] sponsor them. Some people can’t write a check for $11,000 to send nearly half a million dollars’ worth of free Bibles and Christian books, but somebody might [give] $10 or $25 a month,” he says.

“It all of that goes toward getting people the Word of God for free just because someone shared an extra Bible or Christian book that was sitting on their shelf in their home here in America.”

Another way you can support Mission Cry’s ministry is by donating your own used Bibles and Christian books. The cheapest way to send these resources is typically media mail through the USPS. Visit Mission Cry’s website to learn more about the books they accept and how to bless someone overseas with the Word of God.



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